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A Native Conservation Hero, Superb Telangana Cop Has Rescued 1300 Snakes in 5 Years

“Like most others, I used to kill snakes in my father’s farm, fearing them and assuming that every snake is venomous. All the knowledge I had about snakes was through snake charmers who used to visit our village.”

A home guard in Wanarpathy, Telangana, named Cheerla Krishna Sagar—has just finished his extended shift. He’s about to sit down again and loosen up within the sanctuary of his residence when his cellphone rings. A panic-stricken caller stutters in terror, “There’s a snake in my home!” Krishna Sagar picks up his helmet, runs toward to his bike and rushes to the snake’s rescue.

It began about 5 years in the past when a rat-snake bit Krishna Sagar. Now, rat snakes in India are non-venomous, however Krishna Sagar was not aware of this little nugget of knowledge. Like tens of millions of us, unfamiliar with snakes, he too thought that they imply solely danger.

“Like most others, I used to kill snakes in my father’s farm, fearing them and assuming that each snake is venomous. All of the data I had about snakes was via snake charmers who used to go to our village,” he informed Telangana Today.

When the snake bit Krishna Sagar, he instantly killed it to take it to the physician for identification, a requisite follow for the administration of the suitable anti-venom. The physician too, couldn’t establish the snake as non-venomous and gave an anti-venom dose to Krishna Sagar. Quickly sufficient, Krishna Sagar had an adversarial response to the medicine and needed to approach another physician.

Courtesy: SP Office Wanaparthy.

“He got here and recognized the snake instantly, and mentioned that it was non-venomous and gave me another antidote to nullify the response of the anti-venom. I felt bad that I had unnecessarily killed a snake, particularly one that’s useful to farmers because it eats rats,” Krishna Sagar informed The News Minute.

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From that time onward, Krishna Sagar determined to learn more about snakes so he can determine them, perceive whether they’re venomous or not and rescue them. Talking to The Better India, he mentioned, “Each type of snake has its personal id, and I determine snakes by learning their physique construction and conduct. I began studying many books and articles to know more about snakes. I additionally watched quite a few exhibits on the National Geographic channel and YouTube.”

And soon enough, Krishna Sagar was not solely figuring out snakes but additionally rescuing them and spreading consciousness about their ecological significance to the farmers.

He claims to have rescued about 1300 snakes previously in 5 years. A few of these have been venomous, and a few weren’t.

Superstitious beliefs and a lack of understanding about snakes have cost a number of lives in India. He recollects the time when his information saved the lifetime of a caller from Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh. Many individuals imagine that natural medicines and pastes will do the trick in case a snake bites.

Courtesy: SP Office Wanaparthy.

Avinash, a resident of Srikakulam would have fallen prey to such superstitions had Krishna Sagar not interfered. The Home Guard who has began a YouTube channel to teach individuals about snakes received a call from Avinash. “He called me and thanked me for saving his life from a snake bite. Whereas his mother and father gave him native therapeutic drugs, he had watched a video of mine and went to the hospital. He mentioned he’s alive solely due to me and my videos,” says Krishna Sagar.

This endeavour is of important significance, particularly within the rural components of India, contemplating how important snakes are to the ecosystem there. Misconceptions about snakes cost reptiles their lives and in turn, disrupt the natural cycle too.

“Most individuals assume that snakes take revenge which is incorrect,” elaborates Krishna Sagar.

“They imagine in utilizing native medicines to deal with snakebites which is unscientific, and plenty of lives get lost on account of this.

Superstitious beliefs relating to snakes are extra dangerous than the snakes themselves. Many don’t know that snake venom is used for cancer therapy.”

Courtesy: SP Office Wanaparthy.

However Krishna Sagar is on a mission to alter such beliefs and practices. He mentioned that he gets about 200 calls each week and tries to attend each one of them. The expenses of reaching the location, and buying gear to catch snakes, amongst others, come from his personal humble wage.

After all, he’s comfortable to obtain assist from well-wishers as a result of the home guard-cum-snake rescuer is now taking other wildlife lovers beneath his wing and instructing them about snake rescue.

His Sagar Snake Society has presently 25 volunteers, and Krishna Sagar hopes to extend this quantity, and other people’s consciousness about snakes.

For those who want to get in contact with him, you’ll be able to drop an E-mail at or message him on Facebook.

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