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Amazing KTR Speech – India today conclave 2017 (Inspire Telangana)

Amazing KTR speech at India today conclave 2017

K. Taraka Rama Rao, Mimister of IT & Panchayat Raj is well known for his command not only over the language but each and every aspect of the Telangana, its implementations towards to achieve “Bangaru Telangana”, an objective that kept the government to work towards the development of the State Telangana which the party TRS itself has been promised and mentioned its core agenda in its manifesto..

In every speech of KTR at various meetings, he reflects the current scenario that the Telangana government policies and achievements and the future plans to make the state as a better place for innovative activities such as T-HUB and start ups. In this below video of India Today’s conclave – 2017, KTR’s speech reflects the entire ideology of him.

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