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Aneesh Chaganty: This “Searching” director’s Google video went viral..

Aneesh is an American born Indian kid who got famous with his debut movie "Searching"...

Have you seen “Searching” movie directed by Aneesh Changanty. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, then you had missed something. What did you miss, you can find it by “Searching”.  It is a debut movie of Aneesh Chaganty who earlier did few shorts which made him to work on Google ads. Later, he narrated a story for another short film but it finally offered a production budget to make a feature film. When the movie screened in Sundance Film Festival, it has got huge response  and immediately Sony Pictures Worldwide Aqusions  grabbed the distribution rights for a whopping $5 million. The movie was actually made with $1 million but earned more than $75 million world wide. What made the film so special? It is a thriller movie which set almost entirely on screens of computers and smart phones.

Searching Movie poster

(See the trailer of “Searching” movie here…. 👉 👈 )

Aneesh is also made few worth mentioning ads  for google, one of its went viral which was about Google translate and other services and their roles in our daily life. Recently Aneesh tweeted about his video, see it below..

Aneesh Chaganty, a hyderabadi, born and settled in US is actually likes more Indian cinema and says about the influence of Indian masala on his thriller stories…

“There’s an innate desire to create heart-stringy emotions. Even now, every time I go home, amma always has Star Plus on. I think Indian cinema is incredible. It has the ability to just milk the emotion out of anything possible. They’ll cut to a phone call and there will be like a ‘ring ring’ and then cut to everyone reacting to the ring, reacting, reacting, reacting. Then someone will pick up the phone and they’ll do it all over again. I want to make thrillers, but I love being able to balance it with that emotion, I don’t think the Hollywood audience expects that. I just wanted to slide all of this emotion in without anyone expecting it – market a thriller, and then just surprise them by making them cry,” he said.

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