No Solar Panels, No Permit For New House in Karimnagar Town in Telangana

In a significant push towards reducing its carbon footprint, Karimnagar, Telangana’s fastest growing town, is going to make it mandatory…

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A Native Conservation Hero, Superb Telangana Cop Has Rescued 1300 Snakes in 5 Years

“Like most others, I used to kill snakes in my father’s farm, fearing them and assuming that each snake is…

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A Telangana Village completely banned Chemicals in Farming turned to Lush green

Enabavi is a Village in Warangal district, Telangana completely banned chemicals in farming and switched to organic farming, turned its arid…

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Telangana District Sets Precedent Organic Farming in South India

The area around the Vikarabad, Anantagiri hills has been witnessing a silent revolution in the recent past. A revolution that…

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Banyan Nation – This Hyderabad based 1st Indian firm to win Circular Economy Award at WEF

Hyderabad-based plastic recycling startup Banyan Nation has won the Dell People’s Choice Award for Circular Economy Entrepreneur as part of…

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Telangana govt aims to plant 230 crore trees by 2019

"The total number of trees to be planted under this programme is totalling 230 crore by 2019," the government said…

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Gangadhara Tilak Katnam: The Hyderabad man’s inspiring story gets nation’s attention

Since 31st July 2011, Gangadhar Tilak Katnam, the retired senior section engineer of the Southern Railways has been travelling the…

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Telangana has a restaurant for vultures to bring back the species from extinction

It’s an experiment that’s filling India’s environmentalists with hope. Since 2013, the imposing Pala Rapu cliff in a remote corner…

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