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Here see the making video of ARJUN REDDY

The movie “ARJUN REDDY” has already created a buzz in Telugu film industry and has got the “Cult” status because of its innovative making. Though this type of film making is new to TFI, it doesn’t fail to attract the attention of film lovers all over the India.. Now to increase more volume to its alarm, the film makers released its making video as one of its promotional campaigns. Film makers throughout India learnt many lessons, especially marketing lessons post BAHUBALI franchise and understood the power of film promotions. Now, the entire social media and many web portals are zooming their lenses vast and took the way of digital marketing at its peaks.

Coming to the making video of ARJUN REDDY which is the talk of town from more than two weeks is continuing to attract the attentions of the people. Though it may be a controversy, or it may be the prurience (such a strong word.. no?) of the technicians or actors or it may be the video which is supposed to be a viral on internet. But whatever it may be, ARJUN REDDY movie is in the lime light because of its novelty in the making (for TFI), so it is better to share it to the audience who are interested in film making. Watch this this video below.


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