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T- Work: A Latest initiative by Telangana Government for Hardware Manufacturing

Telangana government is setting up T-Works in Hyderabad by the end of 2018. With an equipment worth $20 million, it will be set up in 2,50,000 square feet area.The initiative was announced by IT Minister KT Rama Rao at India Design Summit organized by CII in collaboration with Telangana government.

Speaking in this regard, KTR said that T-Works will assist in the design and hardware space to collaborate, converge designs and convert into working prototypes. He informed that products ranging IoT, medical devices, automobiles, telecom and much more will be a part of the space.

T-Works is modelled on the lines of California State’s Innovation Hub or iHub. The Telangana government tied up with iHub during a recent visit to the US by a delegation led by state information technology and industries minister K.T. Rama Rao.

“You may have good ideas but accessing a manufacturing lab is too expensive,” Jayesh Ranjan, Information Technology secretary of Telangana said.

Unlike software companies, which mostly require workstations and servers to take off, hardware companies are often hindered by access to the right equipment.

T-Works will fill that gap, Ranjan said. Sophisticated equipment to design hardware and semiconductors is mostly relegated to labs at premier educational institutions such as Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institute of Sciences or research laboratories of companies.

“The world is going through industrial revolution 4.0 and India should not be left behind. It should become a leader in this revolution which has design at its heart. So, in order to lead the narrative, our government is setting India’s largest and probably world’s second largest collaborative platform called TWorks. It will be a prototyping and design centre for individuals, entrepreneurs and students in the design and hardware space. I believe it could change the way we do business in India,” K. T. Rama Rao said.

In terms of the areas that the centre will focus on, the Minister said that mechanical, electro mechanical, electronics and semi-conductor domains will benefit with this centre. In addition, it will have products and tools in the field of IoT, avionics, drones, medical devices, medical instruments, defence equipment, consumer electronics, telecom products, mobile devices, gadgets and sensors.

“Anyone and everyone can use freely available tools, software, testing and measurement equipment to build products that are limited by your imagination. CNC machines, cutting machines, wielding and carpentry tools, PCBs and assembly machines, 3D printers of all ranges will be available to build prototypes,” he informed.

The Minister also informed that T-Works could also be supported and partnered by India Design Centre (IDC). “The T-Works will be an essential hub in the wheel to herald a new wave of entrepreneurs, makers, doers, tinkers and designers of all kind. It will be a much desired platform to collaborate and foster the new growth engines of the industrial revolution,” he said.

Design drives growth

Speaking about how humans appreciate good design and it is part of nature to nurture good design, Rama Rao said, “Human tend to take design to a new level altogether. In fact, design is the hallmark of a civilization and higher the maturity of civilization the more we see patterns of design in their architecture, in their art and mythology. From Greek civilisation to the modern age we can see unique designs in various aspects of life. In Hyderabad as well, different areas have different designs thus showcasing that era.”

He also said that great countries have developed and equipped their schools, colleges, institutions and academics with great designers and have taught their population to indulge in design. He added further that India has a great opportunity for industrial revolution 4.0 and urged the country to lead this revolution and not be mere followers as happened in the last three industrial revolutions.

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