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Telangana becomes the second Indian state to institute a policy on electrically-powered vehicles

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The Government of India has reportedly invited snap bids for Electrical vehicle charging stations to ensure adequate charging infrastructure for 500 Sedans which it is going to procure in next month in its first phase of the electrical vehicle implementation for which the tenders will be called from this November. At the same time Telangana government has prepared a draft policy on electric vehicles and becomes the second Indian state after Karnataka which already rolled out its Electric Vehicle and Storage Energy Policy 2017 last month.

The Telangana government has prepared a draft policy on electric vehicles which proposes benefits for manufacturers and to put in place the necessary support system towards embracing the new mode of transport. The policy has three components – for manufacturers, users and support mechanisms, an official said.

“The policy has been drafted. We have consulted the industry (players) to find out what are their expectations and most of those expectations have been included in the draft policy,” said the state’s IT and industries secretary, Jayesh Ranjan.

For manufacturers, Ranjan stated, there will be a host of benefits, advantages and infrastructure support. Buyers will also be offered assistance in making the switch from conventional fossil fuel-driven cars to EVs.

Elaborating on the third component of the policy, Ranjan added, “Because, to sustain electric vehicles, you require charging infrastructure. Who will build that charging infrastructure; if some private sector person is coming to build it up, what kind of support they will get. That will also be covered in the policy.”

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A section of the policy will also focus on electrifying public transport, including buses, taxis and autorickshaws. As per reports, the draft policy will soon be shared with a number of other government departments.

The draft policy has guidelines on facilitating the public transport to shift to the electric mode, Ranjan said.

“Finally, there will be something on public transport. What has been seen the world over is that moving a city into electric vehicle has to come from the leadership of the public transport providers,” he said.

“For example, buses, taxis, autorickshaws, all these people, how do you make them switch over to electric vehicles, the policy answers all these things,” Ranjan said.

The draft policy would be shared with a number of other government departments to take their views before it goes for approval to the ministers and the chief minister, the official said.

“Now, the draft policy has been prepared. It will be shared with other government departments, like transport, traffic police, municipal administration, energy…their views will be taken. It will go through a process of approval,” he added.

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