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Telangana becomes the top producer of solar energy in the country by surpassing Gujarat

Telangana has surpassed Gujarat to become the largest generator of solar energy in India, The New India Express reported quoting Special Chief Secretary Ajay Misra on Thursday. “We beat Gujarat and occupied the first place,” said Misra.

Data from September shows that Telangana generates 2,792 MW of solar power, followed by Rajasthan at 2,219 MW, according to the report. Gujarat has slipped to sixth position, and produces 1,384 MW of solar power. “The total solar generating capacity in Telangana will cross 3,000 MW mark in six months,” Misra said.

Telangana State Power Generation Chairperson and Managing Director D Prabhakar Rao said the administration was planning on harnessing 4,500 MW wind power. The Chandrshekar Rao government plans on producing 5,000 MW solar power in next two to three years.

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