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Telangana soon unveils its Cyber Security Operations Centre

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Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary IT during the SCSC Cyber Security Conclave 3.O in Hyderabad on Monday..

Telangana, one of the first States in the country to introduce a Cyber Security Policy, is setting up a Security Operations Centre (SOC).

“We are close to setting up our own SOC as well as infrastructure for protection of critical government installations,” IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan told the third edition of the Cyber Security Conclave organised by the Society for Cyberabad Security Council on Monday.

The facility would serve as control and command centre for all cyber security-related operations. He mentioned the SOC pointing to measures the State had implemented since the policy was launched one and a half years ago. These included sensitization programme in partnership with universities and IT industry body Nasscom.

Mr. Ranjan said during a select round table, ahead of the Conclave, with senior executives of companies in the field, the discussions revolved around how cyber security could be addressed in a collaborative manner. Hailing the activities of the Council, he said it should strive for greater information sharing to contain the impact during cyber attacks.

“The more alert and participative we are, the better the chances of our being safe in future” too, he said, while cautioning against complacency setting in among stakeholders.

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Telangana was one State, he added, that took responsibility to “ensure that our citizens are safe virtually also”. Chief Information Security Officer, Digital India Programme, Union Ministry of Home Affairs Rudra Murthy too highlighted the need for working together.

Lack of coordination among the multiple agencies was one of the challenges while tackling cyber crime. Various initiatives had been planned by the Ministry, including those to create awareness of cyber crime aspects in association with school boards. Similarly, building capabilities to handle situations was another aspect he emphasized, highlighting the need for a special recruitment to build cyber crime cell capabilities.

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